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Well, I was supposed to have my second interview at the brown… - Stained Glass Filth

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October 12th, 2004

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11:09 am
Well, I was supposed to have my second interview at the brown elephant yesterday, but it got pushed back til today at 2:30..I know I'm getting the job already, I have to..the district manager has let it slip that shes trying to find out where to place me.. my interview with her today is at the clark street store, which is cool, cause it shouldnt be far from the alley..

Went out to the alley last night with Kasia, I've almost forgot how tired you can get following a grrl around while she shops, but theres always the perks of getting to see her try stuff on ~winkz~. but ohhhhhhh, I FOUND BOOTS I NEED!!! and they are only $430.00!!!! HA ONLY $430.00! they will be mine, oh yes, they will be mine.. I know where my first paycheck is going, well, second..I found a couple other pairs of boots I want too, but they are a lot cheaper, only $230 or so.

My dreams have been changing lately, I would call them nightmares still, but I have too much fun in them...but if dreams in any way foretell the future, I'll be joining the military just in time for a world wide zombie attack ~blinks~..
As a kid, especially when it was really foggy, I used to pretend I was under attack by zombies quite often, these dreams give me a closer look to what it would really be like..quite interesting indeed, to say the least...

hmm, Derek and cynthia are going out of town for a week, this friday, that means I'm throwing parties, so if anyone wants to come out to Chicago, now is the time. that should prove to be a drama free week, something I haven't had sicne I moved here..kinda sad when you WANT to work, just to get out of your own house, because of the drama there...gonna try to spend more time with Kasia, I like her a lot, and its relaxing to be around her, no drama, just fun times...more in the future between us maybe? ~blink blink~ I hope so, not only is she kool, but shes hott, and has an accent ~Le swoon~ hot grrlz with accents, yummmmmmmmm!

I'm gonna try to get her to city club though when I go back, shouldnt be hard...

Time to go shower and start getting ready
have fun kidz
ta ta
Current Mood: anxiousanxious
Current Music: Frontline Assembly - Dissident

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